$21 Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires wit Toys Games Vehicles Tires,,RC,vicotech.vn,4,Pattern,Y-Shaped,Tires,Rubber,Toys Games , Vehicles,Dilwe,/Genesee507746.html,Tyre,$21,Car,wit,Pcs $21 Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires wit Toys Games Vehicles Dilwe RC Car Tires 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Detroit Mall Pattern wit Rubber Tyre Tires,,RC,vicotech.vn,4,Pattern,Y-Shaped,Tires,Rubber,Toys Games , Vehicles,Dilwe,/Genesee507746.html,Tyre,$21,Car,wit,Pcs Dilwe RC Car Tires 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Detroit Mall Pattern wit Rubber Tyre

Dilwe RC Car Tires 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Detroit Mall Pattern wit Many popular brands Rubber Tyre

Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires wit


Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires wit

Product Description

Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires with Hubs for 1/10 Scale RC Truck Car(7 Holes)


Features: 1.ANTI-SKID: The rubber tire has Y-shaped non-slip pattern, which has anti-skid surface and provides strong ability of road holding. 2.PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made of high quality rubber and plastic materials, the tires are durable in use. 3.FIT FOR: The rubber Tires is suitable for HSP / Redcat / Exceed / Traxxas / Tamiya / HPI 1/10 scale RC car. High simulation making your RC car look cool and real. 4.EASY TO USE: The RC car tire is easy and convenient to install and remove. Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New Item Type: RC Accessory Material: Plastic + Rubber Color: Black Optional Type: 7 Holes, 10 Holes Diameter: Approx. 125mm / 4.92inch Width: Approx. 65mm / 2.56inch Hexagonal Joints: Approx. 12mm / 0.47inch Wheel Hub Diameter: Approx. 70mm / 2.76inch Weight: Approx. 670-675g Applicable RC Car: for HSP / Redcat / Exceed / Traxxas / Tamiya / HPI 1/10 scale RC car Package list: 4 x RC Tires (Tire already mounted on rim, foam inserted)

Dilwe RC Car Tires, 4 Pcs Y-Shaped Pattern Tyre Rubber Tires wit

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