LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Side Replacement Tucson Mall Passenger LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Side Replacement Tucson Mall Passenger Driver,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Assembly,Replacement,LSAILON,$63,/anthraquinonyl507670.html,Passenger,Headlight,Side,and, $63 LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Passenger Side Replacement Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories $63 LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Passenger Side Replacement Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Driver,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Assembly,Replacement,LSAILON,$63,/anthraquinonyl507670.html,Passenger,Headlight,Side,and,

LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Side Replacement Tucson New mail order Mall Passenger

LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Passenger Side Replacement


LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Passenger Side Replacement

Product description

Compatible Models:
for Dodge Dakota 1997-2004
for Dodge Durango 1998-2003

Reference Part Numbers:
5011406AA 5011407AA 55055110AI

Item Description:
Housing Material: ABS plastic
Lens Material: Polycarbonate Lens
Product Condition: 100% Brand New Headlight
Exterior Color: Black Housing Clear Lens
Package Includes: 1 Pair of Headlight Assemblies (Left amp; Right)
Bulbs Type: High Beam:9007/ Low Beam:9007 (Bulbs Not Included)
Please Note: Installation instruction is not included,professional installation is highly recommended

Item Features:
* Brings a new appearance to vehicle with stylish design and can keep you looking good on the road
* Fully practicability for good thickness and sheerness,heat and impact resistance,waterproof and dustproof
* Strictly meets to (DOT) Department of Transportation and (SAE) Society of Automotive Engineers standards
* Quick and easy Installation,plug-n-play operation,direct bolt-on OE replacement for your old and worn headlamp lights

Headlight Tips:
Condensation buildup inside a headlight assembly is normal,and it occurs for many reasons.Condensation does not mean that headlight assembly is defective.After hot,pressurized air has worked its way out of the headlight through the vents,humidity can get drawn in from the outside.So,headlights that have been on during hours of driving become fogged on the inside because their cool temperature creates a low-pressure area that actually draws moisture in.To minimize condensation buildup inside the headlight,make sure any dust boots or covers are on tightly.Also make sure that the headlight vents are not blocked,which could prevent condensation from escaping.

LSAILON Headlight Assembly Driver and Passenger Side Replacement

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