Prom,Sleeve,Dress,Mermaid,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$62,Long,,V,Women's,Forma,Back,/benchfellow507471.html,Beaded,Satin $62 Women's Mermaid Prom Dress Long Sleeve Satin Beaded V Back Forma Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Women's Mermaid Special price for a limited time Prom Dress Long Sleeve Forma Beaded V Satin Back Women's Mermaid Special price for a limited time Prom Dress Long Sleeve Forma Beaded V Satin Back Prom,Sleeve,Dress,Mermaid,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$62,Long,,V,Women's,Forma,Back,/benchfellow507471.html,Beaded,Satin $62 Women's Mermaid Prom Dress Long Sleeve Satin Beaded V Back Forma Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

Women's Mermaid Special price Recommendation for a limited time Prom Dress Long Sleeve Forma Beaded V Satin Back

Women's Mermaid Prom Dress Long Sleeve Satin Beaded V Back Forma


Women's Mermaid Prom Dress Long Sleeve Satin Beaded V Back Forma

Product description

Mollyevers company is a professional Dress Company which has it's own designers and factory.
By giving high quality, elegant and romantic formal dresses / bridal gown, all we want is helping you be stunning in all your important day.
Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate best service in the world and make you a lifetime happy customer.

ABOUT Mollyevers DRESS
Material: Satin
Neckline: Scoop Neck
Silhouette: Mermaid
Dress Length: Sweep Train Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality
Season: Winter, Autumn, Spring, Summer

1:Measure your waist ,bust ,hips size and compare with our own size chart.(for mermaid and Lace back style,these three sizes are all important).
2:If these three sizes do not belong to one standard size, choose the bigger one. Also, we can provide you with free customized service, just send us your accurate measurements as follow.
- Bust (the biggest circle of chest)
- Waist
- Hip (the biggest circle of hip)
- Hollow to Floor
- Height without shoes

***Please allow 1-3cm differs due to manual measurement, All measurement in cm and please note 1cm=0.39inch
***Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, we can't make sure that the color you see on your screen as an exact color of the product

Women's Mermaid Prom Dress Long Sleeve Satin Beaded V Back Forma

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