Gorgeous Takeo Front 2-4" Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Canyon C GMC Kit Fits Leveling,C,/,GMC,vicotech.vn,$87,Fits,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Front,Lift,Canyon,Takeo,/carnality1987496.html,Rear,2.0",2-4" Leveling,C,/,GMC,vicotech.vn,$87,Fits,Kit,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Front,Lift,Canyon,Takeo,/carnality1987496.html,Rear,2.0",2-4" $87 Takeo Front 2-4" / Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Kit Fits GMC Canyon C Automotive Replacement Parts $87 Takeo Front 2-4" / Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Kit Fits GMC Canyon C Automotive Replacement Parts Gorgeous Takeo Front 2-4" Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Canyon C GMC Kit Fits

Gorgeous Takeo Front 2-4

Takeo Front 2-4" / Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Kit Fits GMC Canyon C


Takeo Front 2-4" / Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Kit Fits GMC Canyon C

Product description

Size:Front 2-4" Lift / Rear 2" Lift

[Special Note]

Quick amp; Easy adjustable forged torsion keys from 1.0" to 3.0" Lift

[Product Description]

Forged torsion keys are much stronger than cast or OEM, and ours are ready to stand up to the elements and take whatever you can dish out. This set of forged torsion keys immediately offers increased ground clearance without the hassle of a long and drawn out installation process. This easy upgrade offers a total transformation in the look of your vehicle to set yours apart from the pack. Featuring bolt-on easy installation and the leveling kit systems will not affect your factory OEM ride quality or comfort level.

Takeo Front 2-4" / Rear 2.0" Leveling Lift Kit Fits GMC Canyon C

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