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New Chief Executive of Norfolk Wildlife Trust announced
Monday 30 August, 2021
The trustees of Norfolk Wildlife Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of Eliot Lyne as the new Chief Execu...
 Sunflowers power £2 million for nature’s recovery
Thursday 19 August, 2021
Wildlife friendly farm, which grows wild bird seed, and 100 acres of sunflowers, celebrates raising £2 million ...
Nearly quarter of a million pounds for South Norfolk conservation from government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund
Thursday 29 July, 2021
Norfolk Wildlife Trust has been awarded a grant of £244,400 for an innovative landscape-scale conservation proj...
Historic reintroduction reverses extinction of England’s rarest frog
Tuesday 27 July, 2021
The northern pool frog, England’s rarest amphibian, has been successfully reintroduced to Thompson Common in No...
Rail station wildlife gardens to receive stamp of approval from NWT
Thursday 15 July, 2021
Community efforts to boost nature at rail stations are to be rewarded with an official accreditation from Norfolk Wil...
Commons for the future?
Thursday 08 July, 2021
Norfolk Wildlife Trust has this week published a study which considers the strengths and weaknesses of the potential ...
Discover seaside soap operas during National Marine Week
Friday 25 June, 2021
Staycations mean more of us are set to discover the delights of our shores and coastal waters, as we visit the seasid...
More than £600k raised to expand Brecks nature reserve
Tuesday 15 June, 2021
Norfolk Wildlife Trust has reached its fundraising target to expand one of the Brecks’ most important nature re...
Go wild for beetles this summer
Monday 07 June, 2021
Have you seen a two-spot bishy barnabee, a scorpion impersonator or a male beetle with swollen hind legs? This summer...
30 Days Wild – the UK’s biggest nature challenge – reveals people’s favourite ‘random acts of wildness’
Thursday 27 May, 2021
On the eve of the UK’s most popular nature challenge, 30 Days Wild, a survey of last year’s participants ...
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Covid update on re-opening
Monday 17 May, 2021
In light of the Government’s ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, Norfolk Wildlife Trust has today reopened m...
Future and Form - 21- 30 May Shifting Lines
Monday 17 May, 2021
The shifting nature of the North Norfolk coast is evoked through the subtle choreography of voice, natural sounds, vi...

Norfolk Wildlife Trust plays a very important part in protecting our natural heritage. I would encourage anyone who cares about wildlife to join.

- SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH President Emeritus of the Wildlife Trusts
Our members make all the difference!
The support of NWT members is behind all that we do. With NWT membership you can enjoy free entry and parking at fee-charging nature reserves, regular mailings, and discounts on many events and activities, in addition to making a difference to Norfolk’s wildlife. We have a wide range of membership options for you to choose from