$25 Wifehelper Hip Bath Tub, Toilet Hip Bath Tub Washing Basin Toile Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Wifehelper Hip Direct store Bath Tub Basin Toilet Toile Washing Tub,Hip,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Bath,Washing,Tub,,Basin,/devulcanization1987490.html,Hip,$25,Wifehelper,Toile,vicotech.vn,Bath,Toilet $25 Wifehelper Hip Bath Tub, Toilet Hip Bath Tub Washing Basin Toile Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Wifehelper Hip Direct store Bath Tub Basin Toilet Toile Washing Tub,Hip,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Bath,Washing,Tub,,Basin,/devulcanization1987490.html,Hip,$25,Wifehelper,Toile,vicotech.vn,Bath,Toilet

Wifehelper Hip Direct store Bath Special Campaign Tub Basin Toilet Toile Washing

Wifehelper Hip Bath Tub, Toilet Hip Bath Tub Washing Basin Toile


Wifehelper Hip Bath Tub, Toilet Hip Bath Tub Washing Basin Toile

Product description

Made of PP material, , and durable.
Edge thickening design to make hip bath stronger.
Suitable for pregnant women, elderly and people who have hemorrhoids.
Anti-spilling hole: the water will into the closestool once water is filled up with. Smooth surface, fit closely with the closestool.
Hanging hole desin: can be directly hang onto the wall when not in use, dry and clean quickly.
Adopting the integral forming technology, it has no dirt hiding dead angle, easy to clean.

Condition:100% Brand New
Material: pp
Color: Blue / Green(Optional)
Size(outer dia+inner dia*H):

Package list:
1 * Hip Bath Tub

Wifehelper Hip Bath Tub, Toilet Hip Bath Tub Washing Basin Toile

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