Root.,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Gaming,Trunk,Organizer,Woodland,for,Organizer,/esophagomycosis507510.html,,Root,$27 $27 Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root. Root Woodland Organizer Toys Games Games Accessories Virginia Beach Mall Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root Root. Woodland $27 Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root. Root Woodland Organizer Toys Games Games Accessories Root.,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Gaming,Trunk,Organizer,Woodland,for,Organizer,/esophagomycosis507510.html,,Root,$27 Virginia Beach Mall Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root Root. Woodland

Fashion Virginia Beach Mall Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root Root. Woodland

Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root. Root Woodland Organizer


Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root. Root Woodland Organizer

Product description

Root Woodland organizer is the perfect solution to store the components of Root and Root: The Riverfolk Expansion conveniently in the original box. This organizer fits: Root and Root: The Riverfolk Expansion; ********************************* Product Features: Supports sleeved cards (sleeve size is up to 70x92 mm); Supports vertical storage; Box lid closes flush; Fast set up and tear down; 6 Removable trays (one for each faction); 2 removable card holders (one for the shared deck and one for the quest cards); 1 removable tray for the game tokens; - Made of high quality 1/8" birch plywood; - The organizer weight is 500 g (1.1 pounds); - Dimensions 278 mm x 198 mm x 38 mm (10 15/16" x 7 13/16" x 1 1/2"); The insert assembly requires about 60 minutes. The insert is designed for pieces to snap into place, but due to variances in wood, glue may be necessary to secure the pieces together. We recommend wood glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue. Some connections might require application of reasonable force to assemble or we recommend the use of a hobby (rubber) hummer. ********************************* PLEASE NOTE: - The game is not included. WARNING: this product contains small parts and could pose a choking hazard for small children. Please use with care. This is a third-party accessory designed by Gaming Trunk. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Gaming Trunk.

Gaming Trunk Organizer for Root. Root Woodland Organizer

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