Pro,Easton,FMJ,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Black,400,Blazers,5mm,6,pk.,Arrows,,$77,/gallocyanine35849.html Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Popular Arrows 400 Black pk. 6 Blazers Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Popular Arrows 400 Black pk. 6 Blazers $77 Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 400 6 pk. Black Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $77 Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 400 6 pk. Black Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pro,Easton,FMJ,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Black,400,Blazers,5mm,6,pk.,Arrows,,$77,/gallocyanine35849.html

Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Popular Recommended Arrows 400 Black pk. 6 Blazers

Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 400 6 pk. Black


Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 400 6 pk. Black

Product description

5mm Full Metal Jacket Match Grade Version for Even More penetration, add kinetic punch for thick hide and bone with a full metal jacket. Constructed of a high strength carbon core with 7075 metal jacket. Features easy target pull. Straightness: .001". Includes pre-installed X nocks and X Hit 8-32 inserts.

Easton FMJ Pro 5mm Arrows Blazers 400 6 pk. Black

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