Front,Brake,Brakes,Automotive , Replacement Parts,20,Pads,Kits,,Rotors,for,$60,fit,,/gallocyanine507749.html,and,ECCPP,Rotors $60 Brake Pads Rotors Kits, ECCPP Front Brakes and Rotors fit for 20 Automotive Replacement Parts Brake Pads Rotors Kits ECCPP Front Brakes 20 for fit discount and $60 Brake Pads Rotors Kits, ECCPP Front Brakes and Rotors fit for 20 Automotive Replacement Parts Brake Pads Rotors Kits ECCPP Front Brakes 20 for fit discount and Front,Brake,Brakes,Automotive , Replacement Parts,20,Pads,Kits,,Rotors,for,$60,fit,,/gallocyanine507749.html,and,ECCPP,Rotors

Brake Pads Selling Rotors Kits ECCPP Front Brakes 20 for fit discount and

Brake Pads Rotors Kits, ECCPP Front Brakes and Rotors fit for 20


Brake Pads Rotors Kits, ECCPP Front Brakes and Rotors fit for 20

Product description

Note:In order to prevent damage to the product due to overweight, the package may be divided into two and arrive at different times. Please wait patiently.

Compatibility with this vehicle:
2004-2013 for Mazda 3
2009 for Mazda 3 FWD

Placement on Vehicle: Front Left Right
Pad Compound: Ceramic Low Dust Formula
Rotor Finish: Silver Zinc Plating
Rotor Style: Slotted
Rotor Type: Solid

2 x Front Disc Rotors - 120.45066,31365
4 X Front Ceramic Brake Pads - 309.10440,EHT1044,D1044-7947

Package Including:
2 Disc Rotors 4 Ceramic Brake Pads

Brake Pads Rotors Kits, ECCPP Front Brakes and Rotors fit for 20

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