$319 Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for 1999-2005 Workhorse P32 RWD Automotive Replacement Parts for,Set,Bilstein,Automotive , Replacement Parts,P32,RWD,Workhorse,/hastefully35703.html,B6,1999-2005,Shocks,vicotech.vn,$319 Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for Popular 1999-2005 RWD P32 Workhorse $319 Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for 1999-2005 Workhorse P32 RWD Automotive Replacement Parts for,Set,Bilstein,Automotive , Replacement Parts,P32,RWD,Workhorse,/hastefully35703.html,B6,1999-2005,Shocks,vicotech.vn,$319 Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for Popular 1999-2005 RWD P32 Workhorse

Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for Popular 1999-2005 RWD Milwaukee Mall P32 Workhorse

Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for 1999-2005 Workhorse P32 RWD


Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for 1999-2005 Workhorse P32 RWD

Product description

Bilstein B6 Performance dampers are a performance upgrade to OE dampers designed to be paired with the OE factory spring. These dampers offer application specific valve settings with a monotube design to bring out the best handling performance of a vehicle. Each damper is rigorously tested for quality that meets or exceeds OE standards. B6 Performance dampers will provide improved safety and handling performance with the added benefit of world-famous Bilstein quality.

Bilstein B6 Shocks Set for 1999-2005 Workhorse P32 RWD

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