High-Gloss,$21,-,SMD87883,/homogene130191.html,vicotech.vn,2-Pocket,Folders,Smead,Office Products , Office School Supplies $21 SMD87883 - Smead High-Gloss 2-Pocket Folders Office Products Office School Supplies $21 SMD87883 - Smead High-Gloss 2-Pocket Folders Office Products Office School Supplies SMD87883 - At the price of surprise Smead High-Gloss Folders 2-Pocket High-Gloss,$21,-,SMD87883,/homogene130191.html,vicotech.vn,2-Pocket,Folders,Smead,Office Products , Office School Supplies SMD87883 - At the price of surprise Smead High-Gloss Folders 2-Pocket

SMD87883 - At the price Direct store of surprise Smead High-Gloss Folders 2-Pocket

SMD87883 - Smead High-Gloss 2-Pocket Folders


SMD87883 - Smead High-Gloss 2-Pocket Folders

Product description

High Gloss Two-Pocket Folders will help save you time by keeping documents, organized and safe. These folders feature extra-wide pockets for easy insertion of documents without causing wrinkling or folding. One pocket is die-cut for a business card. The exterior is laminated for a high-gloss professional look.

SMD87883 - Smead High-Gloss 2-Pocket Folders


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