Telescopic Fishing Rod Lightweight Carbon F Collapsible - Max 48% OFF Fiber $47 Telescopic Fishing Rod, Lightweight Carbon Fiber - Collapsible F Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness -,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fiber,Fishing,F,,Lightweight,$47,/ketosis1987615.html,Collapsible,Carbon,Telescopic,Rod, $47 Telescopic Fishing Rod, Lightweight Carbon Fiber - Collapsible F Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness -,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fiber,Fishing,F,,Lightweight,$47,/ketosis1987615.html,Collapsible,Carbon,Telescopic,Rod, Telescopic Fishing Rod Lightweight Carbon F Collapsible - Max 48% OFF Fiber

Telescopic Selling Fishing Rod Lightweight Carbon F Collapsible - Max 48% OFF Fiber

Telescopic Fishing Rod, Lightweight Carbon Fiber - Collapsible F


Telescopic Fishing Rod, Lightweight Carbon Fiber - Collapsible F

Product description

Whistytwig’s Telespeed Series Fishing Pole will change the way you fish. Comprised of ultra-light IM6 carbon, fibreglass tip, strong graphite reel seat and BOSDG stainless steel line guide, each casting rod promises simple set-up and manoeuvrability for enjoyable, all-day performance. Our telescopic lure fishing rod features an extendable handle for customizable and optimal casting abilities.

Our ergonomic fishing poles provide long-lasting use and a variety of fishing sports including freshwater, saltwater, lakes, boat, kayak, jetty, rocks or even beach and ocean.

Designed for spinning reels with both braided and monofilament lines, select your size to catch a wide range of your favourite fish. These collapsible fishing rods make great gifts for the holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthday or anniversary.

Product Details:
(1) Retractable Telescopic Rod
(1) Cloth Storage Bag
(1) Eye Protector
Materials: Rod= IM6 Carbon Fiber, Guides = BOSDG Full Stainless Steel, Seat = Graphite
Colors: Black and White

Variation Detail:
Telespeed 2107, Retracted Length - 49.5cm / 19.5", Extendable Length - 2.1m / 7', Adjustable Handle – Yes, Total Sections – 8, Line Eyes – 5, Line Size - 1-3kg / 3-7lbs, Lure Size - 4-20g / 0.12-0.8oz, Action – Medium
Telespeed 2207, Retracted Length - 49.5cm / 19.5", Extendable Length - 2.2m / 7'2", Adjustable Handle – Yes, Total Sections – 8, Line Eyes – 5, Line Size - 4-7kg / 8-15lbs, Lure Size - 5-40g / 0.17-1.4oz, Action - Medium
Telespeed 3009, Retracted Length - 56cm / 22", Extendable Length - 3m / 10’, Adjustable Handle – Yes, Total Sections – 10, Line Eyes – 7, Line Size – 5-10kg / 10-20lbs, Lure Size – 20-60g / 0.7-2oz, Action - Medium

*Backed with a 30-day full refund and a 6 month replacement warranty

Telescopic Fishing Rod, Lightweight Carbon Fiber - Collapsible F


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In a world where diversity is ever more important, there are more and more alternative views and perspectives. This month’s word, the prefix alt-, is used to form many words that express these different viewpoints.

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