High,Boots,vicotech.vn,Wedges,Women,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/linearization35819.html,$46,Knee,Comfortable,Toe,Winter,Round,JOYBI $46 JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Winter safety Boots Comfortable Toe Round JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Winter safety Boots Comfortable Toe Round $46 JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women High,Boots,vicotech.vn,Wedges,Women,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/linearization35819.html,$46,Knee,Comfortable,Toe,Winter,Round,JOYBI

JOYBI Super sale period limited Women Wedges Knee High Winter safety Boots Comfortable Toe Round

JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter


JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter

Product description

Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter Fringe Slip-On Warm Fur Lined Snow Boots


Choose the size according to your length of foot.

US 4.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 8 7/8 inch(22.5cm) = China Size 35

US 5 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 inch(23cm) = China Size 36

US 6 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/4 inch(23.5cm) = China Size 37

US7 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 1/2 inch(24cm) = China Size 38

US 8 B(M) US = Heel to Toe 9 5/8 inch(24.5cm) = China Size 39

US 8.5 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 9 7/8 inch(25cm) = China Size 40

US 9 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 inch(25.5cm) = China Size 41

US 10 B (M) US = Heel to Toe 10 1/4 inch(26cm) = China Size 42

JOYBI Women Wedges Knee High Boots Round Toe Comfortable Winter

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