HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet with Large Organizer 3 Quality inspection Storage $81 HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet Storage Organizer with 3 Large Office Products Office Furniture Lighting File,with,HOMCOM,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Rolling,Wood,vicotech.vn,Large,3,$81,Storage,Cabinet,/linearization507719.html,Organizer File,with,HOMCOM,Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,Rolling,Wood,vicotech.vn,Large,3,$81,Storage,Cabinet,/linearization507719.html,Organizer HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet with Large Organizer 3 Quality inspection Storage $81 HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet Storage Organizer with 3 Large Office Products Office Furniture Lighting

HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Directly managed store Cabinet with Large Organizer 3 Quality inspection Storage

HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet Storage Organizer with 3 Large


HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet Storage Organizer with 3 Large

Product description


This stylish rolling cabinet is designed by HOMCOM to fit in your living space, your style, and fits your budget. The mobile storage cabinet comes with two large open shelves and a door cabinet is an ideal way to store files, notebooks, pens, magazines, and other office supplies. Manufactured from melamine laminated P2 particleboard for stability and easy cleaning. Comes with 5 smooth-rolling casters and 2 locking brakes make this rolling storage cabinet organizer super simple to move and relocate throughout the office or house.

- Modern designed rolling cabinet which is suitable for your home office, small apartment, or dorms where space is limited, fitting your budget
- Open shelf and door cabinet enhance display and storage room, perfect for home office and study
- Made of P2 particleboard for stability and easy cleaning
- 5 rolling casters make it easy to move, 2 casters come with brakes
- Assembly required

- Color: White
- Material: P2 Particleboard, Metal
- Overall Dimensions: 39.25" W x 15.75" D x 26" H
- Large Open Shelves: 10.75" W x 14.25" D x 22.75" H
- Open Shelves: 15.25" W x 14.25" D x 11" H
- Door Cabinet: 10.75" W x 14.25" D x 22.75" H
- Weight Capacity: 11lbs(shelves), 33lbs(top)
- Certification: Grade P2 Particleboard certification
- Net Weight: 57 lbs

HOMCOM Wood Rolling File Cabinet Storage Organizer with 3 Large

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