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Milwaukee Mall 11x17 Presentation Cover - Soldering Transparent Crysta 2 Clear Crystal

11x17 Presentation Cover - Transparent (Crystal Clear) (2 Crysta


11x17 Presentation Cover - Transparent (Crystal Clear) (2 Crysta

Product description

Color:2 Crystal Clear

The report covers that we offer come in many colors for a variety of choices when personalizing your work. Our report covers are growing in popularity as well. This is due to the simplicity and the thick plastic properties that allow the covers to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Our transparent PCV report covers are typically used in GBC comb binding and ECT Coil binding, but are also great for use with any wire binding, Velobind, ProClick, or ZipBind binding.

11x17 Presentation Cover - Transparent (Crystal Clear) (2 Crysta

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