Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 for Fender Cart Golf Baltimore Mall Fr Flares $35 Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Cart Fender Flares for Fr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 for Fender Cart Golf Baltimore Mall Fr Flares /mofussil130158.html,,Huskey,of,Yamaha,G29,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fr,Fender,for,Flares,Pack,Golf,4,Cart,$35,Drive $35 Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Cart Fender Flares for Fr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /mofussil130158.html,,Huskey,of,Yamaha,G29,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Fr,Fender,for,Flares,Pack,Golf,4,Cart,$35,Drive

Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 for Fender Cart Golf Baltimore Mall shipfree Fr Flares

Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Cart Fender Flares for Fr


Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Cart Fender Flares for Fr

Product description

Huskey is a renowned and reliable manufacture of Golf Cart accessories and parts. It has a custom design to fit your carts body. It completes the perfect off road look for your lifted cart.

  • Each set includes (4) 3" wide fender flares and Stainless Steel mounting Hardware Kit
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware kit can pull in the Fender Flares to better match the contour of your cart.
  • If you have aftermarket rocker panels, you may need to modify these to fit your cart.


  • Test fit fender flare to bodywork to determine best placement. Keep in mind our flares have notches in them to accommodate for the rocker panels and the contour of the body. Holding the fender flare in place, mark locations to be drilled using a marker.
  • For Stainless Steel hardware, Drill first hole using a

    Huskey Pack of 4 Yamaha Drive G29 Golf Cart Fender Flares for Fr

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