$35,/prolative129995.html,X,Bulk,,vicotech.vn,115",Black,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,2",PerformTex,Jet PerformTex Jet Black Bulk Tulsa Mall 115" 2" X PerformTex Jet Black Bulk Tulsa Mall 115" 2" X $35 PerformTex Jet Black Bulk, 2" X 115" Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $35 PerformTex Jet Black Bulk, 2" X 115" Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $35,/prolative129995.html,X,Bulk,,vicotech.vn,115",Black,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,2",PerformTex,Jet

PerformTex Jet Black Philadelphia Mall Bulk Tulsa Mall 115

PerformTex Jet Black Bulk, 2" X 115"


PerformTex Jet Black Bulk, 2" X 115"

Product description

Performed Kinesiology Tape - Whether in the sports med or rehab field, PerformTex delivers best-in-class quality with a price to match.

With proper application of the tape, our patented twin-groove adhesive pattern facilitates improved fluid flow to the musculature while it's breathability helps wick away sweat. The design of these grooves creates a multitude of small "pressure diamonds" that powerfully grasp the skin, encouraging deeper fascial penetration for quicker rehab or better sports performance. Plus, our adhesive has been re-engineered for a more tenacious, long-lasting grip.

PerformTex Jet Black Bulk, 2" X 115"

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